Sackett's Harbor

Traditional, usually danced to the tune "Steamboat Quickstep"

Triple and proper

In forming the circle in A1, the actives must take the lead, making a clear break in the long line, thrusting away the couple above them, who may be inclined to hang on. It may help to call:

The contra corners in B1 must be rather quick. Dancers who are used to ending contra corners with a balance-and-swing often don't allow enough time to get back into lines for the forward-and-back.

While there is a reel named Sackett's Harbor, the dance is seldom danced to that tune. The jig Steamboat Quickstep (aka Washington Quickstep) is commonly used. In Hawai'i, we have sometimes danced to a medley, beginning with the jig and ending with the reel.

Steamboat Quickstep Tune (abc with embedded MIDI)
Steamboat Quickstep MIDI file

Sackett's Harbor Tune (abc with embedded MIDI)
Sackett's Harbor MIDI file
Sackett's Harbor score (gif format)

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