Traditional, always danced to the tune of the same name
Said to have been introduced 1820 by Nathaniel Gow, Edinburgh, Scotland

Duple and proper

For details on Petronella turns and balances, see Cambridge Contra Dance index. See also discussion in Jennings, 1983.

Tune (abc with embedded MIDI).
Standard MIDI file
Quicktime MIDI file (Quicktime MIDI audio; MoviePlayer)
A medley of Petronella/Persian Dance (Galopede)/Neil Gow's Farewell to Whisky from Barry Taylor's Traditional Tunebook

The tune "Green Mountain Petronella" is often used as a change tune.
"Green Mountain Petronella" (Standard MIDI).
"Green Mountain Petronella" (Quicktime MIDI audio; MoviePlayer)

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Midi karaoke file (displays figures while music plays)