Chorus Jig

Traditional, always danced to the tune of the same name, which is actually a reel, not a jig. (But see below for an alternative tune.)

Duple (or triple) and proper

Dance description from Elias Howe's American Dancing Master (1862)

Tune (abc with embedded MIDI).
MIDI file
Quicktime file (Quicktime MIDI audio; MoviePlayer)

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Although the American contra dance Chorus Jig is now always danced to a reel of that name, a jig called "Chorus Jig" also exists. Perhaps, this was the original tune; a closely related English country dance called "Chorus Jig" is now danced to that tune.

MIDI file of English country dance Chorus Jig

Score of ECD Chorus Jig in pict or gif format, produced using Phil Taylor's BarFly.

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