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Russell Owen's American Country Dances On Line is a well-structured database of contras, with a search procedure. It contains traditional contras and modern contras for which publication-permission was obtained.

Contradancers of Hawaii's collection concentrates on traditional "chestnuts." In the case of dances usually danced to particular tunes (Hull's Victory, Chorus Jig, etc.) the collection also has the tune in MIDI format or abc format. The collection includes English country dances from film and video adaptations of Jane Austen's novels.

Hugh Stewart's collection in Cambridge (as in Cambridgeshire, England) contains about one hundred dances and a provocative discussion of the ethics of distributing contemporary dances on the Web. (Some of the dances at Stewart's site were published without advance permission of the author.)

Thomas Green's Barn Dance Repertoire is a basic list of simple dances for barn dances, also known as English-style ceilidhs. Green is also associated with Cambridge (UK) Contradance. He is composer of the too-little-known dance "A year in the life of a penguin."

Kiran Wagle's collection has a selection of interesting modern dances.

Brian Scowcroft's country dance site contains dances typical of those used at beginners' barn dances and ceilidhs in England. The collection concentrates on dances which are not ASFAIK-published in other easily accessible sources.

Palmer's Pocket Playford is an aide memoire summary by William Palmer of dances from the Playford Ball programmes as arranged by The Round in Cambridge, England.

Calvin Campbell's Dancing For Busy People collection has a small selection of relatively simple contras. "Dancing for Busy People" has its roots in the Community Dance Program of CALLERLAB, about which Campbell's site also has information.

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