Mr. Beveridge's Maggot

Playford 1695 Notes:

Many English Country Dances, like American contra dances, are danced to a pair of phrases of music played AABB -- i.e. the first phrase is played twice, and then the second twice. In contrast, the generally accepted version of Beveridge's Maggot--a version usually attributed to Pat Shaw--has the structure AAB. This is the version given here.

When Cecil Sharp interpreted this dance for modern consumption, he decided he could not get all the instructions to fit into so little music, so he published a dance to fit AABB. Cecil Sharp's version is also widely known, and is given in Palmer's Pocket Playford. (Thanks to Hugh Stewart of the Round, in Cambridge, for this information.)

Dance descriptionfrom Earthly Delights

Tune (abc with embedded MIDI).
MIDI file.
(Sequenced by Robert Bley-Vroman)

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