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This website is a place to showcase how Pidgin is used in everyday life as a language for communicating with the public. Pidgin is often not thought of as a written language, but in reality, it is used in written form for many purposes. Above we see that it can advocate for politicians, advertise household services, and encourage sustainable environmental practices. These are pretty serious topics!

The images on this site encourage us to ask: If Pidgin is not a “valuable” language, then why is Pidgin so prevalent in public spaces?

To contribute to this page, click here to email your image of Pidgin in public. Provide your name and hometown, and we‘ll list your name as a credit on our website.

Dis website one place for show how Pidgin stay used in everyday life as one language for communicating with da public. Pidgin often not thought as one written language, but we use um in written form for plenny different reason. On top, can see dat can advocate for politician, advertise household services, and encourage da kine sustainable environmental practices. Dese pretty serious topics yeah?
Da imagez on dis site make us as’: If Pidgin not one “valuable” language, then how come get Pidgin all ova da place?
If you like add someting to dis page, click ova here fo’ email your image of Pidgin in public. No forget give your name and where you come from, den we going list your name as one credit on da website.
Ad during da 2008 Mayoral Campaign
Truck Ad for Plumbing Services in Honolulu
Bumper Sticker on one Vehicle at UH-Manoa